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Enabling the vehicle of wealth development and the democratization of capital.

At PaySoko, we empower your growth with integrated Embedded Financing and Business Management tools. Enhance customer satisfaction, streamline operations, and drive success with our seamless, data-driven solutions. Discover how PaySoko can transform your business today.


PaySoko Finance

A fully integrated embedded finance platform for lenders, enabling agile and “hyper optimized” deployment of capital.


PaySoko Liquidity Pools

PaySoko’s private investment market place, bringing together investment for the democratization of access to capital.


PaySoko Business

Fully integrated AI powered lending and business solutions for end-to-end financial and operational management of your enterprise.

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Why Choose Us

Transforming Business Operations with Integrated Solutions

By leveraging our cutting-edge eBusiness solutions, companies can expand their customer reach, enhance operational efficiency, and boost profitability. Our robust embedded financing system allows seamless acceptance of various payment types and supports global storefronts for product and service sales. Catering to both financial institutions and SMEs, our comprehensive offerings ensure support for diverse business needs. With integrated tools like Smart POS, ERP, eCommerce, and digital marketing, we're redefining modern, efficient business operations.



Value Chain Enablement

Optimize every stage of your business, enabling efficiency, proactive decisioning and collaboration with your business ecosystem.


Generative AI Reporting and Decisioning

Empower your commerce ecosystem, providing generative AI powered decisioning and insights to drive success for lenders, businesses and financiers.



A fully integrated lending and financial solution, providing agile loan product creation and servicing in a single integrated platform for finances, lenders, borrowers, businesses and consumers.


Commerce and Market Maker Tools

Leverage powerful tools to drive market engagement, streamline e-commerce operations and facilitate growth in competitive markets.


SmartPOS Solutions

Enhance your point-of-sale experience with advanced, intelligent systems that streamline transactions, manage inventory, and offer robust analytics.


SMEs and Entrepreneur eBusiness

Unlock business opportunities and amplify your brand with our Entrepreneur Platform. Seamlessly integrate influencer marketing to propel your ventures to new heights.


PaySoko has expanded my coffee business to reach more customers beyond Kenya. I am very happy to be using their solutions and selling to more customers than I ever thought I would.

Esther Ochieng Barista Champion of Kenya

We were looking for a way to sell our wallets to customers all over the country. PaySoko provided a solution that is easy to use and got us to more customers all across the country regardless of the geo location.

Collins Sankale Khalifa Crafted
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PaySoko Payments and eBusiness solutions gives your brand access to modern eCommerce and modern digital payments solutions, providing new opportunities for growth and success.